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Currently Reading: The Green Crow (May 2019)

Let’s Make Love (April 2019)

Something to Live By (January 2019)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year (Dec 2018)

America The Vincible (November 2018)

Death in Venice (October 2018)

A Friend is Someone who Likes You (Sept 2018)

From Hiroshima to the Moon (July 2018)

The War Lover (June 2018)

Codfish, Cats and Civilization (May 2018)

Flower Arranging for Fun (March 2018)

Madame Bovary (February 2018)
The Great Gatsby (January 2017)
Merry Christmas, Happy New Year (December 2017)
A Streetcar Named Desire (November 2017)
Edgar Allan Poe’s Complete Poems (October 2017)
The Mermaids (September 2017)