With the holiday season upon us (and temperatures in Southern California starting to drop just a little!) I thought it would be fun to take a break from book reviews and look at Marilyn Monroe’s winter wardrobe, as found in the Christie’s auction of Marilyn Monroe’s items in 1999. I also have found some similar vintage pieces that are available for purchase, in case you want to treat yourself to a Marilyn-inspired look.

1. A chunky, cable-knit sweater in a cream color.

When she wasn’t dazzling audiences, Marilyn Monroe‘a style was comfortable and casual. Her sweater here sold at auction for $17,250 USD in 1999. She had multiple wool sweaters, making it a staple of her personal wardrobe.

On Etsy you can find lots of vintage sweaters in a similar style. Just search for “cable knit sweater 1960s” and find what pops up! Below is an option I found for $50 USD (click on image to take you to the link).

2. A long, wool coat with (and matching skirt!)

Here we see that Marilyn Monroe’s taste included long wool coats that are double-breasted with a dark and light pattern. The coats here sold at auction for $7,475 (left) and $36,800 (right). The coat on the left also has a matching skirt.

Finding a coat available today in a similar style is trickier than one might imagine. While plenty of wool coats from the 1960’s are on the market, the trick is finding one that is double-breasted and fits within the color palette (black and white or blue and white). Below are a few options I found on Etsy (click image to take you to the link). I tried to stick to pieces described by the seller as from the 50’s and 60’s, but this particular style of coat was also popular in the 80’s.

3. A faux fur coat

Marilyn Monroe did own real fur pieces, but she also had this beige faux fur coat with leather trim. Below are some vintage pieces available on Etsy that have a similar vibe, though finding the leather trim is rather difficult (I was unable to find any on Etsy or eBay).

4. Black winter boots

Marilyn Monroe’s winter boots were made of felt, with leather soles and faux fur lining. They sold at auction for $8,625.

Vintage boots like this are extremely hard to find today, and you may be better off looking for modern versions. I was able to find a pair on Etsy that look almost identical to Marilyn’s for $249.00:

5. A faux fur leopard print hat

Faux fur leopard print hats, like this one Marilyn Monroe owned, are a fun way to add a bold print without overpowering an ensemble. They also are fairly easy to find in vintage shops online!

Which winter piece of Marilyn’s is your favorite?


One thought on “Marilyn Monroe’s Winter Wardrobe

  1. The faux fur coat was probably by designer Bonnie Cashin. The leather trim gives it away. I would be more certain if the clasps were toggles. Cashin was a fashion innovator, respected in her day and highly collectible now. You won’t find her on Etsy any longer!

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