This week I have been taking part in a little experiment, following along (to the best of my abilities) the suggested 14-day beauty routine from this book published in 1967:

This book, while full of advice that we would consider to be terrible in 2020, is an interesting time capsule of information regarding what people considered healthy, what products were available to people in the 60’s (that maybe aren’t today) as well as what constitutes beauty. Nevertheless, here are 5 pieces of beauty advice from this book that I think are terrible.

5 Terrible Pieces of Beauty Advice from 1967

1. Lemon slices in a homemade face mask.

I knew it was a bad idea before I tried it, and do not do it. Lemon juice dropped into my eyes, and stung my face.

2. Sunscreen is not mentioned

The book goes into detail about how women with a tan look healthier, and even has suntanning oil as part of the recommended list of items. This advice seems somewhat ironic considering how much of the book is also dedicated to getting rid of wrinkles.

3. Hot Chili pepper is an ingredient for a face mask.

This one I didn’t even try as the book itself said it will cause your face to feel a burning sensation. No thank you.

4. Exercises avoid building muscle

The book goes into great detail about how to tone your body without building muscle. As a result, many of the strange exercises (such as making a popping noise with your mouth) do not seem to do really anything.

5. Diet is 90% meat and cheese and “protein tablets”

I immediately was turned off by the diet, which is incredibly focused on protein, and included very few fruits and veggies and virtually zero whole grains.

So, there you have it, 5 bad pieces of beauty advice from 1967. If there is any interest I can do another post next week with 5 good pieces of advice from the book—just let me know!


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