I found this book, Instant Beauty written in 1967, and it promises a more beautiful you inside and out in 14 days. I’m always skeptical of these kind of things, but it has some interesting beauty regimens, so I thought I’d give it a try (to the degree that it’s possible and healthy).

The 8 am-8pm schedule includes a variety of activities, from exercising to arts and crafts. Meditation is also a big part of this book—I admit I’m terrible at meditation so this will be a personal challenge. You can see the schedule below:

I will be posting a few updates here throughout the next two weeks, going into some detail about the different beauty masks and exercises (as well as critiques of this book), so don’t forget to subscribe to get these updates. I also am posting daily updates and reviews to Instagram and TikTok. Gold and Platinum Book Club members have access to the vintage list of essential items to get through this challenge (and I’ll also post a modified list for 2020 for these members as soon as I finish the challenge myself).

I hope this will be fun and entertaining if nothing else. Remember: beauty is subjective and people had very weird ideas about how to obtain beauty in the 1960’s.


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