Hello everyone! I am back from my hiatus and wow does it feel good to get back into researching mid-century books. I will be announcing July’s Marilyn Monroe book in a couple of days (6/22) and I hope to have more fun content for you in the next few months (now that I have finished my first year teaching University history courses and being a doctor).

I also have been thinking a lot about this book club, and what it can offer in these times. On the one hand, books can be a source of comfort and joy. When the world seems completely overwhelming and scary, a comfy chair and a good book can do wonders to help soothe an anxious mind. Not only that, but because I am high-risk for Covid, I’m depending on books to bring me to the outside world, let me explore places and meet new people without leaving my nest.

But books also make us more compassionate and empathetic, and I think the world definitely needs more compassion and empathy today. So while I will continue to read the books on Marilyn Monroe’s extensive list, I also want to select books that broaden my horizons and to be, well, a better human. I will be reading more books by BIPOC authors, disabled authors, and LGBTQIA authors. I’m interested in hearing more stories, and uplifting underrepresented voices to the degree I can, and I hope you will too!

My rainbow bookcase was pretty much the first thing I did under lockdown, to every book collector’s horror—but I was tired of staring at an aesthetically unpleasing bookshelf. Note my Marilyn Monroe books are stored separately.

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