January is almost over, but I wanted to make sure to talk about the new year and the new reading list! In addition to reading Marilyn’s library, I’m also working with Pinup Life Magazine to create a Must-Reads for the Modern-Day Pinup! These books will cover stories and topics of interest to modern-day pinups, and I hope will foster a book culture within the pinup community!

January’s book was the Lipstick Brigade, the real story of the women who worked in Washington D.C. during WW2. Check out the magazine for the full review:



This column takes a lot of time–and I don’t just mean the reading and writing, I mean the research that is going into choosing the best book. I have a huge list of historical works, new releases, and mid-century classics that I am choosing from. I usually read summaries, reviews and if I can, the first few chapters before committing to a book. I am certain that pinups will enjoy each read, and that we can foster a love of books within the pinup community.

Of course, we are still keeping up with the Marilyn reading list. January was The Great Gatsby– which I thought would be a great read to encourage newcomers to join us, as it’s easily accessible, shorter, and many people read it already in high school. It maybe isn’t everyone’s favorite book, but it’s on the list, and I’m so happy people did take the time to read it.

February we are reading Madame Bovary–I am really, really looking forward to it. I have never read it, but only heard good things. So stay tuned, join us, and we will have our discussion on instagram on 2/25!


4 thoughts on “2018! More books per month

    1. Boy do I wish I could tell you–I hate keeping secrets! However, at this point, I have to keep the book a secret until the Magazine’s February issue, as per my column contract.


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